MLB finally splits up agitator umps Joe West & Angel Hernandez


West's crew received Sam Holbrook from Gerry Davis' umpire crew in exchange for Hernandez.

Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News points out something I honestly can’t believe I missed:

Major League Baseball has split up crew chief Joe West and his over-zealous partner-in-crime Angel Hernandez to start the second half.


Hernandez has been moved on to Gerry Davis’ crew  and West’s crew received Sam Holbrook in a trade as lopsided as Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas..

West’s crew had become notorious, to say the least, for hot-headedness this season.  In the eight days leading up to the All-Star break alone, they had issued six ejections.  Overall, they had ejected an incredible 17 players and managers despite already having a week-long break in June.

That’s fifty percent more ejections than any other crew has issued to date.

Not surprisingly both of these assclowns (along with CB Bucknor – who was named on 42 percent of the ballots) received a ton of votes for “worst umpire in the big leagues” in a recent anonymous player poll.

Bucknor’s total narrowly edged Joe West, who was named on 40 percent, and Angel Hernandez, who was named on 22 percent of the ballots.


Why does MLB knowingly tolerate this crap?

MLB has the worst evaluation system in place for their officiating. They tolerate mediocrity, allow the umps to be overly confrontational and routinely send out some of the worst umpires in playoff games. Just another “great job” done by Bud the Dud.

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